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About Us

Mission Statement
“Provide a safe, reliable, efficient and competitive service to our customers”.

Our Vision
• To be the leading business-to-business aviation service provider.
• To provide tailor-made aviation solutions for the oil and gas industry, in particular, and other industries in general.
• To combine Rotary Wing, Fixed Wing, maintenance and logistical support in one package.
• To deliver the highest quality and safety standards, anywhere in the world.

Since then Aero has gone on to provide both rotary and fixed wing services to all the major oil and gas companies and supporting industries working in Nigerian and in the West African region.

Aero Contractors of Nigeria was formed in 1959 as a wholly owned by Schreiner Airways B.V of the Netherlands. It became a company  with initially 40% Nigerian holding in 1973 and subsequently 60% in 1976.

In January 2004 Schreiner Airways was bought by Canadian Helicopter Corporation(CHC) who acquired 40% holding of Aero contractors while 60% majority share remained within the Ibru family group.Currently, Aero is wholly owned by the Ibru family.

The Company started in the early 1960′s as an air charter operator.From this humble beginning in the 1970′s,Aero has gone-on to provide both rotary and fixed wing services to all the major oil,gas and related support companies working in Nigeria and in Wes Africa sub-region.


Today,Aero has grown from oil service provider to a leading regional schedule carrier operator.Since 2000 when the airline commenced scheduled commercial operation,it has emerged to become the first chioce of customers in the region.Aero currently operates passenger services with the Bombardier Dash8 Q300 aircraft(a modern 50-seat pressurized turboprop aircraft) and the Boeing 737-400 and 500 variants with 104 to 144 seats.

The airlines foundation is built on proven safe, reliable and on-time air transportation while delivering to customers the highest standard of professionalism and efficient customer services.Aero has always aimed to be a step ahead with a strong focus on innovation,convenience,reliability and affordability.

Over the last 12 months Aero has introduced some ground breaking products to cement its position as the innovative and e-airline company in sub-Saharan Africa.Some of these products are:

+ Online Checkin
+ Online Excess Baggage Voucher
+ Online Ticket Voucher
+ Online Travel Insurance
+ Webmoblie


Whilst the Rotary Wing Division looks to expand services as required by its clients, the Fixed Wing Scheduled Service Operation will be bringing more firsts to the travelling public.The airline is expanding domestically and will be expanding regionally and internationally over the next few years aiming to become the largest low cost carrier in Africa.

Aero wishes to empower more people, to fly more often by offering the most affordable fares whether for business,leisure or visiting family and friends to different destinations on time.With the dynamism of cutting edge technology,Aero promises to make air travel safe, easy,convenient,affordable,fun and simple!

For the best fares visit our Website:

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You can also call any of our call centre numbers, or any of the numbers at our sales outlets.

If you would like to send us a complaint or compliment, or share your travel experiences with us, please mail us @ or call 01-6284140.


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  1. How about job placements ? for aero people engineers fitters technitions????????/

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